Graphic Design Services

Have an idea in mind, but lack the creativity or software skills to make it a reality? We can help! We have a designer on staff who creates custom designs for everything from business logos to birthday invitations. Contact us today at [email protected] to discuss!

How to Help Your Designer
You may think you are doing your designer a favor by just telling them to “be creative!” without any guidelines. But actually, giving us some direction will save you both a lot of time (and money!) and you will be much happier with the end result. There are two things you can have ready when you give us a call that will help your experience run smoothly.

1) Text/Copy:
There is a saying, “Form follows function” which holds true when creating good design. A design should be dictated by what it will be used for. The text will tell us what the function of the piece is so the design and layout can follow accordingly. The amount and type of copy will result in different designs. A design for a postcard whose only function is to convey “BIG SALE” with the dates, will look much different than a postcard introducing your company and including mission statement and services. Having your copy ready will make it possible for us to execute the best possible design for your needs. Of course, your text does not need to be final. You can certainly make changes after you receive the proof if you need to, but having your text as close to “final” as possible will help us both!

2) An Example:
There are hundreds of different design styles that can result in an unlimited number of designs for any one piece. Telling us to just come up with something we think looks good is unlikely to produce a design you are into (unless you truly aren’t picky!). It’s much more efficient to put a brief description in the Googler (ie. Fun Wedding Invitations), click on the Images tab, and look through some designs others have done. When you find one or a couple that you like, save them or print them out! Then you can show us and say “Something like this…I like this style”…then we are both on the same page and are much closer to creating something that is just what you want!

Questions? Or ready to get started? Call 325 676-3637 or email: [email protected].